Exacttrak Limited

The Challenge

Exacttrak has created a range of innovative and unique hardware assets with a disruptive impact in the domain of mobile information management and security. Having proved the ideas with limited production and commercial contracts, the next step for them is to develop global presence and market penetration.

The Problem

Create a transformational architecture to realise the corporate vision. Delivering a flexible platform for integrating with commercial partners and customers, capable of scaling to hundreds of thousands of information exchanges per hour for the larger customer organisation.

Our Part

Asked to create a target architecture we have helped the company refine and understand some of the goals on the roadmap to achieve the vision.

Perhaps one of the most challenging projects we have ever undertaken. As a small, highly innovative company which creates cutting edge technical products the adoption of “Enterprise Architecture” is not an easy fit. Roles within the company are fluid, shifting to meet the ever pressing demands with a small technical team, the traditional approach of stakeholder engagement doesn’t work. Working with the company as a whole we are building a platform of capability reactive to the rapidly changing demands of emerging businesses.

There is nothing wrong with the analysis and structure of formal EA, indeed using TOGAF principles and Archimate modelling we have created a number of roadmaps aligned with the vision of Exacttrak but reflecting a number of possible realities for this emerging company. Providing a long term commitment to Exacttrak and calling on our expertise covering all aspects of IT development and delivery we are helping to create strategic working components to create business functionality and opportunities for collaboration with prospective customers and partners. Our EA role has a strong emphasis on building relationships and integrations with partner companies on a global scale.

Our governance helps to ensure appropriate standards are being adopted which will bear fruit as the company develops and expands, while the roadmaps we created ensure a consistent scalable architecture capable of supporting some of the biggest global corporations.