What we do

We create realistic and achievable road maps to transform a business. Supporting the organisation through the transformation through robust governance, business process development and project management are critical to our successful outcome.

Our expertise in requirements definition, design, programming, testing, configuration and deployment as numerous systems technologies, hardware interfaces, operating environments and administration utilities, allows OPEC to offer a complete service to our clients.

We apply TOGAF standards and Agile methods to achieve all targets to deadline and budget. With our keen eye for detail and vigilant to quality-risk-cost continuum, we are mindful of a company’s strategic objectives and we exploit best engineering design principles to ensure growth

Business Transformation

A successful business transformation relies upon a clear understanding of the journey from current operations to the new vision of operation. Constructively challenging your plans to validate your ideas we help build the vision and map the transformation. We are experienced in providing clear plan, consistent communication and analysis of technological interactions to achieve your plans.

Change Thinking

You instinctively know that something needs to change in your business, however, prevarication, hesitance and resistance to change is the reality for many organisations from the biggest to the smallest. Using critical analysis and mentoring we can support you to test your ideas and make the decisions to bring about change.

Enterprise Architects

You have your change ideas to transform your business; how to realise this? Understanding complex problems converting them in deliverable, integration business information systems while ensuring that compliance with legal and market driven frameworks, can be a daunting prospect. We can bring the expertise to help you through this and ensure that everyone in your business is part of that transformation.